About Tyrestretch / FAQ

Tyrestretch.com was registered in Sept 2008. Born out of a frustration of seeing hundreds of forum threads all asking the same things such as, "what does a Nankang NS2 stretch like", "any pics of 205 45 R16 on a 9 inch rim", "what will this stretch look like" etc etc.

This database was put online and has been growing steadily for over 5 years with help from everyone who has sent in their photos. To join in, simply take a photo of your setup and upload!

We hope you find this site useful. Please share it with your friends and use it as a reference when looking for that perfect setup.

Q: What is this site about? I don't get it
A: Its a visual database index of tyre setups
Q: Is tyre stretching legal?
A: There is plenty about this online if you search, we simply provde a visual aid of various setups. It is your responsibility to ensure that anything you do is legal where you live. Read more here
Q: Can I buy tyres from you?
A: No, we just provide a gallery to showcase other peoples setups to help you choose.
Q: Are you affiliated with any fitting stations?
A: No, and if anyone says otherwise they are lying to you
Q: Do i have to pay anything to use the site?
A: No, the site is 100% FREE to use.
Q: Can I copy or hotlink images from here?
A: Yes please do, we encourage this as it helps people easily answer questions on forums.
Q: Can I adevertise on the site?
A: Yes, it helps us pay for the servers and upkeep of the site. Please email [email protected] for more info
Q: How many people use the site?
A: We are currently serving up over 1,000,000 page views per month!